The success of every project is based on a detailed, creative design giving you a clear vision of your completed garden.

Natalie is a qualified landscape designer and can generate the necessary designs to bring every idea to life. Our designs can be for plant selection only, or can be for complete construction and installation by the Branat Designs team.

All of our designs are based on close consultation with you, done onsite, so that we understand exactly what you need. We start out with a 'mud map' proposal and progress to a professional design plan that includes:

  • Plant selection
  • Layout design
  • Sample products
  • Estimated quotations and time frames
  • Garden maintenance plan and/or planting instructions if you are tackling the job yourself.

We think outside the box when it comes to designing unique landscapes and we can often source one-of-a-kind feature items from places like Bali that other designers wouldn't consider.

Sustainable gardens

Branat Designs has a focus on sustainable gardens. We carefully recommend plants that will preserve and protect ecosystems and reduce the amount of care and energy required to maintain a healthy garden. Often native plants are the most ideal fit.

We also undertake the best environmental practice in terms of material selection for any construction elements. We aim for minimal maintenance and impact on the environment.

Please contact us to enquire about a unique, creative design for your home or business.