Branat Designs offers a wide range of ways to enhance your outdoor living environment. Whether you need styling advice for the addition of a few plants, or advice on your entire outdoor space, we have the creativity and experience to change the whole character of your home or business.

Our styling services range from consultations for horticultural tips, to designs for complete installations and construction.

We think outside the box and can often source one-of-a-kind product features from places like Bali that other designers wouldn't consider.

Pre-sale styling

First glances leave a lasting impression. Branat Designs can undertake a full garden styling to enhance your home before it goes on the market. Our garden styling service will entice and convert the "lookers" into "serious" buyers. We can assist with:

  • General neat and tidy
  • Plant maintenance
  • Enhancing or adding special features

Garden maintenance

Every garden deserves regular care and maintenance to keep your home looking and feeling at its best.

Natalie is a highly skilled horticulturalist supported by qualified, professional gardeners. We can help you maintain the style of your garden so you can always enjoy it with minimal effort. We can even provide detailed maintenance plans so you can manage the ongoing care of your garden and keep it looking at its best.

Contact us to help you achieve the best possible sale result or lifestyle experience.